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Welcome to the webpage of our new unique project, “English Music Theatre” for children aged 6 to 12 years.

Our English Musical Theatre is the embodiment of the dreams of every parent and every child, because it combines several of the most interesting areas of art at once – vocals, dancing, choreography, acting and also an intensive practice of literary English with native speakers.

All classes are led by experienced teachers of acting, vocals and choreography. Working in groups helps to relieve the child of any shyness.
In the course of classes, there is an immersion in the world of music and literature, opportunities open up for the identification and development of the brightest creative abilities of the child.

Children develop a skill to communicate, diligence, ability to focus on achieving the goals and achieve success. The result of this interesting process can be seen by everyone – after all, each ends with a real performance of musicals on the stage of a real theatre. Productions of such world-famous musicals as “Matilda the Musical” by Tim Minchin, “Oliver!” by Lionel Bart, “The Sound of Music” by Richard Rodgers, “Mary Poppins Returns” by Marc Shaiman etc. are planned.



Vocals: Acquisition of vocal skills (breathing technique) – Expansion of voice range – Learning
new vocal techniques – Search for an individual style of performance and the development of musical taste.

Choreography: Development of flexibility, coordination, a sense of rhythm – Overcoming shyness
on the stage – Freedom and feeling of oneself in space – Interesting acquaintances and good mood.

Acting skills: Ability to express various emotional states – Work on intonation, speech, diction –
Developing imagination and mindfulness – Teaching improvisation – Dive into the world of literary
characters – Accepting yourself, acquiring the ability to see the beautiful.


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The general sponsor and partner of the project is

Taneční Centrum Praha

Dance Art Center

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Praha 4 – Braník, Czech Republic

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Email: metinprague@gmail.com